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What Is A Static IP?

Why Do I Need One?

How Do I Get One?

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The Benefits of Using a Static IP

  • Run your own server
  • Allows you to have complete control by having a dedicated IP. Otherwise you run the risk of your IP being blacklisted, which is very disruptive.

  • Bypass web censorship
  • A Static IP allows you to access content that is otherwise restricted from your employer, government, etc.

  • Use public Wi-Fi with confidence
  • You will have a secure connection on any public Wi-Fi that prevents hackers, etc. from accessing your information.

  • Encrypt VoIP and Skype communication
  • Using My Static IP will allow you to have encrypted communication when using your favorite VoIP or Skype services. This adds an extra layer of security against hackers and scammers.

  • Access U.S. websites from abroad
  • This will allow you to access streaming video services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. which are otherwise not accessible while out of the USA.

  • Hide your geographic location
  • Your location will be perceived as being in the U.S. no matter where you are located.

  • Break through a restrictive network
  • You will have complete access to the internet and bypass any filters put in place by your work or institution.

  • Less downtime for gamers
  • Since you’ll have the same Static IP when getting your games set up, it will be quick and easy for you and those who you invite to start playing.

The My Static IP Difference


Our Industry-best encryption uses 2048 bit keys with 256 bit symmetric data encryption. Don’t be fooled by those who claim 2048 bit encryption without telling you the difference between key strength and data encryption.


You’ll never have to wonder what your IP address is. This will make getting things done for business or pleasure much quicker and easier.


Our blazing fast services will save you more time than any other VPN product on the market. Our customers even tell us they experience speeds on our network that are faster than directly from their ISP.

Essay Contest

Each month we’ll give away one 3 month account for free to the winner of our short essay contest. All you have to do is tell us why the world would be a better place if we were to give you access a Static IP Address for 3 months.

A Recent Winner

Why the world would be a better place if I had a free Static IP. : After two years of volunteering as English teachers in 2012, my husband and I formed an organization in Guatemala that builds and repairs schools affected by poverty with plastic bottles and inorganic trash. I am proud to say we are finishing out first school, installing "bottle bathrooms," and hiring a new teacher all because of a contest I won last year. As volunteers, we make dollars a day, which obviously cannot support a school's financial needs. This is why I have chosen to pursue grants and other contests online- to help brighten the futures of other impoverished children. Unfortunately, many websites prohibit me from even looking at the information because of our Guatemalan IP address although I am a U.S. citizen. If we were fortunate enough to win a Static IP, it would open countless opportunities to raise money in efforts to not only help reverse the detrimental impact we leave on our environment, but to ensure a safe and high quality of education for generations of young and beautiful minds.

Submit Essay

To be entered for a chance to win a free 3 month account with My Static IP, please post your short essay to our Facebook Page. We’ll have our fans read the stories and vote on their favorites at the end of every month.

Included Features

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Easy to use VPN software
  • No traffic logging
  • We support Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, and Android Tablet

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